GIS-Based Photographic Archive

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This georeferenced database of archived photographs collected during field studies will chronicle environmental change in the Wooster, Ohio region. This archive will help answer questions such as: Why are streams dramatically cutting into the stream beds and banks? How fast do boulders move down a stream?

Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum Blog


This blog was created to support the Five Colleges of Ohio’s Next Steps in the Next Generation Library: Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum grant project. It provides announcements about the project, links to related documents and websites, and a place for staff discussion.

Summer Institue 2011

Staff at the Summer Institute 2011

The 2011 summer institute focused on bringing Ohio Five staff together to share experiences about the changing work of library staff. The day consisted of breakout sessions where staff heard about the experiences of others and shared their thoughts on various topics. Our keynote speaker, James Ottavaini, talked about Institutional Repositories, a new part of the library world that all 5 College will soon be hosting.

NGL 12 Steps to a Digital Collection

This guide was created to outline the 12 steps each NGL project went through, from proposal to publication.

Writing Our Story


Writing Our Story is a digital collection of materials documenting Black student protests at Denison University. This project contains digitized special collection and archival materials to highlight the development of the Black Student Union and Black Studies Center.

SongWorks for Children

Image extracted from a SongWorks video showing Peggy Bennet surrounded by children


What will you see in this collection? You will see three-, four-, and five-year-old children “being themselves” as they make music in Oberlin’s MusicPlay classes. You will see children immersed in singing games, nursery rhymes, masterworks, pop songs, and score reading. You will see teachers and parents being playful, interacting with children and music in ways that capture imaginations, focus attentions, stimulate senses, and elicit responsiveness.

Collecting and Digitizing Farmer Interviews in Wayne County, Ohio

For this documentary project led by Matt Mariola, Visiting Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies and Jessica Clemons, Science Librarian, students in a course entitled Innovations in Agroecology planned and recorded oral interviews of local farmers, gaining first-hand knowledge of their farm operations and their lives in farming. These oral histories are available online at the Digital Collection Farmer Oral Histories.

Library Staff and Digital Projects

The NGL project helped library staff recognize the importance of digital collections to the liberal arts college library, and add digital workflows to current practices.

Oberlin Borges Collection

Prof. of Hispanic Studies, Ana Cara, and student researcher, Robin Su, discuss their work in organizing and exhibiting an archive of materials related to Jorge Luis Borges’ May, 1983 visit to Oberlin College.

Denison Virtual Earth Material Gallery


This virtual gallery is a sampling of specimens from the Denison Geosciences Earth materials collection previously only cataloged in a manuscript book (Figure 1.a and b) started by Prof. Clarence L. Herrick (Figure 1.c) in the 1890s. The items in the collection are varied, from representative mineral samples (Figure 1.d – Galena, quartz, rhodochrosite), to rocks from important geologic locations.