Broadening Common Ground

In the fall of 2004, at the suggestion of the Five Colleges of Ohio library directors, former professor of English Louis I. Middleman, Ph.D from Denison University crafted a history of the consortium titled Broadening Common Ground to commemorate the consortium's ten year anniversary. The work tells the history of the consortium's founding, its founders, and their thoughts for the future of the group. 

Dr. Middleman writes, 

Readers who have been part of the Ohio Five before or since its founding will likely find, with some blameless exceptions, mostly a record of inaccuracies and partial truths: you will know just how it was, and you will miss in these pages the nuances, the scenes behind the scenes, that were the soul of the body here portrayed. But for those who until now have known little about the consortium, it is hoped that these pages may entice you to learn more about the people and events that have brought the Ohio Five to this milestone, and to anticipate an even more wonderful second decade.