Procurement Initiative

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The Procurement Office is responsible for the consortial SciQuest e-procurement system shared by Denison, Kenyon, Ohio Wesleyan, and Oberlin. In addition, the office manages consortial contracts and promotes collaboration among the purchasing directors and staff of the five colleges.

Ohio Five joint contracts and memberships include Association for Collaborative Leadership, ChemWatch, ChemOfficePro, ContentDM, Infocomm International, Innovative Sierra, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Mathematica, Maple, LTI Authority Control, Proquest Summon, Qualtrics, SciQuest, Springshare E-res, and Vertere.

SciQuest Test Systems in the Five Colleges of Ohio

Ohio Wesleyan University - BishopBuy Test System

Kenyon College - KenyonCommerce Test System

Denison University - Denison eProcurement System

Oberlin College - ObieBuy Test System