Risk Management and Compliance

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Risk Management and Compliance activities encompass audit services, disaster and emergency preparedness, environmental health and safety, facilities operations, insurance purchasing, safety and security, and Title IX.

To facilitate emergency planning and response, in 2003 the Operating Committee approved a Good Neighbor Policy. In part, it states: This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into by the Operating Committee of the Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc. to enable the member colleges to provide assistance to each other during times of emergency. We hereby express our mutual interest in being “Good Neighbors,” thereby facilitating the timely return to normal operating conditions following a disaster or crisis at any of the colleges.

In 2000, in order to mount an organized, multi-campus approach to managing environmental impacts, the Ohio Five Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers of the five institutions came together into one central resource team called the EHS Roundtable. The members of the Roundtable meet regularly to address environmental issues that face the colleges and functioning as a regional network of peers to collaborate on EHS policies, procedures, and educational projects. They have worked with regulatory consultants to develop up-to-date environmental documents and teaching materials that are tailored for the complex, small-college situation. They successfully completed two grant programs funded by the OhioEPA Office of Environmental Education. The Roundtable organized the higher education section of the Ohio Fire Safety Congress and participates in the annual meetings. In addition, they jointly engage in required DOT training, and together maintain chemical inventories and safety information using Vertere and ChemWatch services.