About Us


Mission Statement

The Five Colleges of Ohio Consortium:

  • Is a focal point for ongoing constructive conversations among people at the five institutions about issues and opportunities of mutual concern.
  • Forms a basis for trust and understanding, and thus, a foundation for programs that will enhance the member institutions.
  • Creates bonds among the institutions that stimulate us to challenge the status quo and think about how we might be better both collectively and individually.
  • Provides a forum for the presidents to initiate public dialogue about consortial innovations and the value of a liberal arts education.


Statement of Purpose

The Five Colleges of Ohio Consortium was formed to:

  • Foster closer cooperation and understanding,
  • Coordinate operating functions and administrative services,
  • Develop collaborative academic programs and resource sharing, and
  • Enhance quality while reducing individual and collective operating and capital costs.



The Five Colleges of Ohio Library Directors crafted a statement that communicates the value of the consortium and collaborative activities:

Never again can our libraries stand completely alone in terms of library collections and other resources. We, therefore, reaffirm The Five Colleges of Ohio libraries' overall commitment to cooperation and mutual enrichment. We believe that any small loss of local control is well worth the many benefits we gain through our collaboration.