OH5 Forms

Consortial Meeting Request Form 

The Five Colleges of Ohio supports meetings of consortial committees, subcommittees, and employees of the colleges who may not necessarily be organized as a committee, but would like to come together to discuss collaborative initiatives.  Submit this form to request OH5 support for modest expenses.


OH5 Payment Request Form

Request reimbursement for OH5 grants, projects, events, or other approved reimbursable expenses.


Photo Release Form 

This form allows OH5 to use a person's appearance in a photo or video for publication.  


Travel Expense Forms

Request reimbursement for necessary and reasonable mileage/travel expenses incurred while transacting the affairs of OH5: 

Standard Mileage Chart - Standard roundtrip mileage reference for travel between OH5 campus locations


OH5 ACH Authorization Form 

Authorize electronic funds transfers from The Five Colleges of Ohio directly to your bank account.


IRS Forms

IRS Form W-9


IRS Form 8233